original Harley Davidson factory

original Harley Davidson factory

One of my vistors, Brent sent me the following story about this building.
“I was told a interesting story about the original H-D factory (which you have a photo of). When I was in school and started the H-D portion of my schooling we were given a week or so of H-D history before beginning the technical stuff in a lab. The building ultimately had a sad ending to it’s existence as we knew it. After being stored for decades disassembled in a H-D factory warehouse someone who was instructed to clean the place up and make some room dug it out of the corner it rested so long in and threw it in the trash. Not a good day for H-D and probably a even worse one for the employee. My instructor was a good man and a forgiving person and said “I’m surprised he made it out alive after making a mistake that big. I’d at least have sent him home with one less nut.”. “


click here: more of the original Harley Davidson factory 

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